You want to abstract on Yupo? Let me cut your size desired size.

Mounted any way you want… before you abstract or as a finished masterpiece –

Leslie Kate works with many mediums and tools to create really breathtaking abstracts… Oil based paints, acrylic, alcohol based tinctures, Chinese inks, Gesso, Charcoal and … Pastels are always a feature.

Never just one begin expressed, many at a time, the mood is super essential and the venue well prepared and music an essential assistant.

Its fascinating watching Leslie apply the mediums and then manipulate the effects with sprays of water and alcohol… scraping… turning and tilting, rubbing and brushing. She is like  a conductor of a multi medium orchestra of Art applications.

Some are created over a long period with long intervals… others done in a continuous effort and complete.

Don’t say a word when watching, just admire, and then wait for the final statement “So“  what do you think? she say with a smile.


Leslies abstract art is truly a compliment to your active imagination.