My favorite tour is rare opportunity exploring living history on the north-south trade route for over 300 years, cloistered life, where the Revolution for Spain started, Eartha Kitt’s favorite pottery and “these boots are made for walking” indigenous culture.

Following a jaunt down the Silver Route and a visit to the last chapel/secure site for the Spanish to rest before entering San Miguel de Allende we’ll visit a cloistered monastery and their chapel.  Feel free to bring chocolate covered Oreos as certain friars adore them and the sugar rush makes them a bit chatty for cloistered lads.

Next comes the chapels in Atotonilco where the Revolution from Spain began and the murals draw over 5,000 visitors every week.

Then, on a lighter note, we’ll bop out to Delores to visit a pottery factory with the most colorful dogs, cats, fish and birds in the state.  Cat Woman would have a blast here!

On our way back into town we’ll visit the ancient chapel where San Miguel started.  Here you’ll enjoy the wide array of indigenous symbolism that including a boot wearing angels that appear to be homage to Nancy Sinatra but actually have a deeper meaning.  Namely that the indigenous didn’t understand the concept of angels so assumed that since the Spanish wore boots, angels did too.  Jesus and the apostles also look indigenous and luckily the combined number of 12 apostles plus one Jesus equaled 13, reflecting the solar calendar bringing new life.

This tour is a great diversion for folks seeking time in the country.