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Offering unique tours on local traditions and celebrations to groups, or solo adventurers, customized to meet your time, budget, and interests. Tours celebrate weddings, corporate occasions, family reunions, club activities, art classes or any day you want to make memorable!

Toone is San Miguel's resident expert making sure you understand why we do what we do in today's San Miguel and what is going on in town during your stay.

Adventure Tours

The following Tours are outside of San Miguel and offer you a unique historical perspective of life outside of the city.

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Holiday History and Cultural Tours Every Monday in December

Holiday History and Culture Tours Every Monday in December 9:30 AM Dec. 5, 12, 19 and 26 500 pesos/25 USD Spend Monday morning enjoying San Miguel de Allende’s unique history, culture and Christmas traditions.  The tour is led by Joseph Toone, author of the best-selling Christmas book in the series San …

Day Of The Dead Cultural Shifts

It is interesting to be at the forefront of a cultural change so you forever know you remember when things were done quite differently before and for a long time.  Think of all the times we needed film to take a picture or knowledge of …

Day Of The Dead In Modern Mexico

Attending a pal’s funeral this week I learned a bit more about Mexican funeral customs that I had somehow missed in previous ultimate masses (that is, funerals). There is no Biblical or theological reason for the way coffins enter or exit church, rather the tradition is that they enter …